FAQ - Integrated Security





Q:  I am unable to display Events within the Events Application.

A:  Ensure that the Event Server is installed, the hard disk drive where the Events directory is located  is shared and has a name of the drive letter for example C

Q:  When trying to log in to PC StarWatch, the message. No DDU Service Available, All Requests To DDU Will Timeout appears.

A:  Ensure that the Network card is terminated correctly and the machine has the correct IP address as defined in the C:\Starlink\Data\Starlink.ini file.  

Q:  Is it possible to have a mimic appearing a soon as the Graphics application is started?

A:  Yes. In the sigmap.cfg file which resides in c:\starlink\bin add the entry BootMimic MimicName where MimicName is the name of the mimic you want to appear every time the graphics application starts. Note the command is case sensitive with a space after BootMimic.

Q:  When starting to run StarWatch the message 'Could not open language file?' appears.

A:  If this is a Slave machine ensure that it can connect to the Master. On a Slave or a Master ensure that the Win.ini is set correctly and that the correct Language files are installed in the Starlink directory.xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Q:  What is the default User name and password after a new installation of PC StarWatch?

A:  As this is a security issue please contact Remsdaq.