Remsdaq is committed to providing products and services that meet customer's requirements.

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Quality policies and objectives are set and directed at Board Level, but with employee involvement to facilitate greater business benefits.  These policies are conveyed to all employees through an open system of communication illustrating clear objectives for staff.Remsdaq believes that, in addition to demonstrating on an international level that we are committed to quality, accreditation to ISO:9001:2008 has brought immeasurable benefits that include: 

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In our commitment to continual improvement, Remsdaq regularly reviews its quality policies ensuring that they adhere to international standards, are in accordance with current legislation and meet company objectives.

To further improve our quality system, Remsdaq has chosen an Integrated Management approach and is also accredited with ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management), ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health, Safety and Welfare).   As the separate management systems share many characteristics and principles, integration can reduce waste and facilitate even greater customer care.