FAQ - Command, Control and Communications




Q:  What is the default User name and password after a new installation of the RAS?

A:  Please contact Remsdaq.

Q:  When starting to run the RAS the message, 'Could not open language file' appears.

A:  If this is a Slave machine ensure that it can connect to the Master. On a Slave or a Master ensure that the Win.ini is set correctly and that the correct Language files are installed in the Starlink directory.

Q:  When trying to log in to the RAS, the message 'No DDU Service Available, All Requests To DDU Will Timeout' appears.

A:  Ensure that the Network card is terminated correctly and the machine has the correct IP address as defined in the C:\Starlink\Data\Starlink.ini file.

Q:  The Appliance Register on one of the Sun Terminals is out of sync.

A:  At the terminal which is out of sync log into Engineer mode. On the command line type STOP REGS [RETURN]. Alt-TAB until you can see a Terminal window and are in the Unix environment. Type cd [RETURN] this ensures that you are in the home directory of rtbs. On the command line type rtbs_get MachineName regs.DATA [RETURN] where MachineName is the name of the terminal which has the correct updated Appliance Register. Alt-TAB back to the Resque window and on the command line type START REGS [RETURN].

Q:  After logging in at the Unix  Log-In box, the machine does not always go into the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) but will instead sometimes go into the OpenWindows Desktop.

A:  If the terminal is a Blade ensure that a mouse is connected. Place the cursor in the OpenWindows Desktop Workspace and press the right mouse button for a menu, select Exit then confirm again with a second Exit. This will take you back to the Log-In box. Select Options followed by Session then Common Desktop Environment (CDE). Log-In as normal.